Local brigades praised for efforts

Property saved: A number of local brigades worked hard in extremely hot conditions on Saturday to bring a grass fire, which burnt 31 hectares in Glenormiston, under control.

SWIFT responses from a large number of local fire brigades quickly put an end to an out-of-control grass fire on Saturday.

Endangering the Glenormiston, Noorat and Kolora region, the fire broke out in a paddock within the Glenormiston Road, Wallaces Lane and Castle Carey Road boundary in Glenormiston South at about 3pm.

Country Fire Authority (CFA) Camperdown group officer Chris Place said all 11 local brigades initially attended the fire.

“The fire was proceeding in a south easterly direction,” he said.

“They almost contained it with five tankers.

“They then had a sudden wind change in the opposite direction, in a northerly direction.”

Mr Place said winds of up to 80 kilometres per hour caused the fire to spread.

“The smoke from burning hay and silage made it very difficult to see,” he said.

Damage done: A Glenormiston South grass fire claimed 31 hectares and destroyed a large amount of fencing and hay last Saturday.

Two fire bombers initially bound for Warrnambool turned towards the fire to provide assistance, while another two helicopters came from Colac to provide intelligence about the fire’s movements.

Fire fighters were unable to salvage an unoccupied house, with the flames also destroying about 31 hectares of land, a large amount of fencing, hay and silage.

Mr Place said the fire came within 50 metres of hay sheds on a nearby dairy farm property.

“We had to work with graders to contain the perimeter,” he said.

Brigades also used an excavator to prevent the further spread of the fire.

Mr Place praised the “great effort” of all involved brigades in controlling the fire.

“We knew it was going to be a bad day,” Mr Place said.

Group effort: Brigades from across the Western District responded quickly to fight the Glenormiston South blaze.

Noorat CFA captain Craig Wood said it was lucky the fire did not cross Castle Carey Road, as it could have then become a five to 10-day fire.

“A lot of brigades made some great decisions,” he said.

A total of 23 tankers attended the scene and declared the incident contained at 6pm.

In a separate incident on Saturday, a house fire broke out at a Chocolyn home on Camperdown-Lismore Road.

Mr Place said it was suspected a cigarette butt on the verandah caused the fire at 3.42pm on Saturday, with spare units, including those from Tesbury and Pomborneit, attending.

“They were able to contain it to the roof of the house,” he said.

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