Terang Express
Large rollout for road resealing

ALMOST 10 per cent of local roads across Corangamite Shire will be resealed in the coming weeks.

Mayor Neil Trotter said roads in Camperdown and Cobden had already been sealed in the past fortnight.

“The contractor will make its way around the shire throughout January and February, resealing approximately 83 kilometres of local roads, or nine per cent of our total local road network,” he said.

“Council periodically resurfaces all local roads to preserve them by stopping water getting into the underlying pavement and weakening the strength of the road.

“The new surface has a lifespan of about 15 years but council’s work schedule means every one of our local roads is resurfaced in advance of it reaching its use-by date.”

Council crews undertake any patching that might be required before the sealing contractor arrives, so the underlying pavement is in good condition before the protective seal is applied.

The new bitumen and aggregate are left to set for a few days before new lines can be marked.

“Loose aggregate that has not been embedded into the bitumen from the weight of traffic will be either broomed off rural roads or removed by suction sweeping on town roads, then the line markers can come through and do their job,” Cr Trotter said.

“The new aggregate laid down with the reseals also provides better grip for vehicles, making our roads safer.”

For a map and list of roads to be resealed during this year’s program, go to www.corangamite.vic.gov.au/sealing-program.