Terang Express
Ladies complete three-peat

TERANG Golf Club’s ladies division one pennant side added to its history on Monday, claiming a third successive pennant crown at Port Fairy.

The club’s top team strolled to a 4-1 victory over Hamilton to extend its winning run in the top grade but the news wasn’t as joyous for the club’s division two handicap side, who lost to Hamilton 3-2.

Division one skipper Marion Venn said her team was thrilled to add another pennant flag to the club’s coffers.

“We’re very pleased with the win, it’s our third straight in division one handicap so we’re really pleased with that,” she said.

“Three of us have played in all three and the other two positions, one girl has played in two and the other has been in one of them.”

Venn (four and three), Leanne Ritchie (four and two), Judy Carmody (four and two) and Margie Driscoll (five and four) all won their matches, while Michelle Beasley (two and one) came close to making it a clean sweep.

“That (4-1) always sounds like a good win but it was definitely much closer,” Venn said.

“A couple of matches finished on the 14th and 15th holes, another couple went to the 16th and the one that was lost was on the 17th.

“The matches went a fair way.”

Venn said it was a special achievement to win three years running, but added the biggest positive to come from the season was having both pennant teams reach the decider.

“It’s great to be backing one win up with another the following year but to get three is pretty special,” she said.

“But what was pretty good was for the club to get two pennant teams to make the final, we’re obviously a small club.

“The club we played can have up to 80 ladies play competition whereas we only have 20 so half of our ladies play pennant.

“To have success is a very good sign for the club.”

Division two handicap skipper Elaine Hrabar said her team was proud of their club-mates despite being unable to join them in victory.

“It was great division one won, that was a good result for them but it was just unfortunate we couldn’t join them,” she said.

“We tried our best but unfortunately we just weren’t good enough on the day.”

Hrabar said the 3-2 loss to Hamilton was disappointing, with Jenny Meade (two and one) and Joanne Arundell (two and one) the only Terang players to secure wins.

Hrabar (five and three) and Karen Mather (seven and six) suffered heavy losses while Susan Morrison (two and one) was narrowly beaten.

“It’s disappointing but we thought Hamilton were a bit stronger than us because they beat us last time,” Hrabar said.

“We did our best but we just weren’t quite good enough.

“Two of them (individual losses) were pretty disappointing but the third match that we could have won that was close.

“The two that won were close but Hamilton were just a bit too good.”

Despite the loss, Hrabar said there were plenty of positives to take out of the season, in particular the performances of Meade and Arundell.

Meade played the number one position for the side, while Arundell was the number five, with the pair excelling in their debut pennant campaigns.

“Jenny Meade and Joanne Arundell have never played pennant before and they both excelled and did really well,” she said.

“Joanne didn’t lose a match all year which was very good for her.”