Terang Express
Tehan retains Wannon

THE Wannon electorate is set to notch up 68 years as a Liberal Party stronghold after sitting member Dan Tehan was re-elected for another three years with an extended majority on the weekend.

Mr Tehan recorded 51.42 per cent of first preference votes while Labor Party candidate Maurice Billi recorded 26.23 per cent.

Independent candidate Alex Dyson polled 10.35 per cent of first preference votes, well ahead of the two remaining party associated candidates Joshua Wallace of the United Australia Party with 6.01 per cent of first preference votes and Zephlyn Taylor of The Greens with 5.99 per cent.

Although Mr Tehan comfortably retained the seat of Wannon, his first preference support base dropped -1.28 per cent on the 2016 federal election result.

Despite recording a healthy swing of +1.85 per cent in favour of the Labor Party in the previous election, Mr Billi recorded a -3.77 swing away from the party in the latest poll.

Mr Dyson’s result showed a growth in support for an Independent candidate in the Wannon Electorate, with him topping the combined result of the two Independent candidates of the 2016 election (Bernadine Atkinson and Michael McCluskey) who secured 7.79 per cent of the votes.

On a two party preferred basis, Mr Tehan polled 60.59 per cent of the vote, up from 58.56 in the previous election, while Mr Billi secured 39.41 per cent of the vote for the Labor Party, a noticeable drop on the 2016 result of 41.44 per cent.

On a booth by booth basis, Corangamite Shire voters showed a drift away from both major parties with nine of the municipality’s 14 polling booths recording a swing away from the Liberals, while eight showed a swing away from Labor.

Cobden, Terang, Wiridjil and Skipton recorded swings away from both parties.

Other swings against Mr Tehan were recorded at Carpendeit, Ecklin South, Scotts Creek, Timboon and Lismore, while remaining swings against the Labor Party were recorded at Camperdown, Noorat, Port Campbell and Derrinallum.

Conversely, Mr Tehan picked up swings in his favour at Camperdown, Derrinallum, Noorat, Port Campbell and Simpson, while Mr Billi picked up increased support at Carpendeit, Ecklin South, Scotts Creek, Simpson, Timboon and Lismore.

Carpendeit, Lismore and Skipton voters recorded the strongest moves away from the Liberal Party, recording swings of -8.72, -6.61 and -5.42 respectively, while Simpson showed the greatest swing in his favour at +4.8 per cent.

Port Campbell and Noorat showed the greatest loss of support for the Labor Party with swings against Mr Billi of -10.58 and -5.42 respectively. The strongest growth for the Labor Party in the Corangamite Shire was at Carpendeit, which recorded a favourable swing of +4.27.