Terang Express
Moloney receives surprise honour

NOT much gets past Symone Moloney when something is in the works at the Terang Mortlake Football Netball Club.

But last Saturday night the club managed to pull off a special announcement without her knowledge, inducting her as the latest life member at their annual ‘Bloods Ball’.

“I was sitting at the table eating my dinner and Tom McKenzie and Tyson Densley were emcees and they were saying we’ve got a special presentation to make,” Moloney said.

“And I was thinking, I didn’t tell you we had a special presentation to make, I thought surely the male and female best dressed isn’t a special presentation.

“Then Melissa Irving and Dave Roberts got up there and Melissa started talking and I was like ‘ah, you got me’.

“I was very, very surprised but it was nice in the same respect.”

Left speechless by what had occurred, Moloney said she was honoured to be recognised for her efforts.

“I’m very proud to be recognised by the club for the efforts and so forth I put in,” she said.

“I don’t find that what I do is worthy of that (life membership) but other people obviously do.

“I just think you’re a volunteer and you do what you have to because that’s how clubs work, but I don’t feel you need to be rewarded for that because that’s your club and that’s what you do.”

Moloney’s affiliation with the club dates back to 2002, when she and her husband Nick joined the club from Kolora.

They have remained at the Bloods ever since, with children Thomas and Sharni growing up around the club.

“We came in on the merge from Kolora,” Moloney said.

“Nick and I both played at Kolora and we didn’t even know it was the merge or anything, Nick just got asked to coach the reserves football and we just decided we’d make the change.

“Thomas and Sharni and Nick and I, since 2002, have basically played football and netball at Terang Mortlake.

“Thomas obviously played away for a year, but we’ve all kind of been there since then.”

The club has been a second home for Moloney and her family, with special memories, achievements and premierships all attained across her 17 year relationship with the Bloods.

She is one of their most respected members and is a determined volunteer having taken on just about every role within the club from team management to junior presidency to uniform co-ordination as well as coaching and playing.

She has held those roles mainly due to her ‘can-do’ attitude, and goes out of her way to take on any challenge presented in the hope that it rewards the club in the long term.

This year she is the club’s social club co-ordinator, a position she combines with coaching three of the netball sides, one of which (division three) she went to great lengths to establish.

“I just feel that if there is something that needs to be done (around the club) you just may as well get in there and do it and hopefully it pays off in the long run,” Moloney said.

“Last year I coached the under 13s and this year I’m coaching them again, I just thought instead of them having someone for one season that I’d hang in there and coach them for two years.

“Then I took on div two and three (this year) because they train together and it’s good to have them train together because it gives them more numbers and they play after one another, so it’s quite easy.”

The club’s newest life member is still basking in the recognition of her honour, but added that it would not have been possible without the club giving her countless opportunities.

Moloney said she could not imagine what life would be like without the club, adding she is extremely proud to be Terang Mortlake through and through.

“I’d just like to thank the club for giving me the opportunity to do what I do,” Moloney said.

“I’m just happy to be a part of the Bloods.”