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Local fireys help fight NSW blazes

NOORAT Country Fire Authority lieutenant Con Glennen was among 20 local firefighters sent to tackle one of a large number of fires currently affecting New South Wales.

He was the strike team leader of 28 firefighters from districts six and seven sent to the Banyabba fire in the state’s north from Sunday, November 17 until last Thursday, November 21.

Hundreds of blazes ignited across New South Wales and Queensland earlier this month, with a number of fires continuing to ignite or destroy houses, livestock and other infrastructure.

Mr Glennen said the conditions were “very dry”, the moisture was low and the fuel load levels were high.

“There is no water up there,” he said.

“There were trees falling down everywhere.”

Mr Glennen said there was no clear end in sight for a number of the ongoing fires throughout the state.

“Those guys and girls have been fighting for a very long time,” he said.

“They’ve got a lot of time to go.

“It is going to go until it rains.”

However, Mr Glennen praised the hospitality of locals and the hard work of the south west team.

“People looked after us,” he said.

A number of south west crews across districts four to seven have also helped with the ongoing efforts, including from Camperdown and Mortlake brigades.

More local crews will also be deployed over the coming days and weeks.

Destruction: Hundreds of fire events throughout New South Wales have devastated large parts of the state’s vegetation.